Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who do we mourn?

By Dinah Monahan

George Tiller is dead. Who do we mourn? How do we mourn? For those who are Pro-Life, how can we mourn the life of a man who made his livelihood from killing third trimester babies – over 60,000 of them in his career? Who mourns the babies he killed? He specialized in the most gruesome form of abortion where the baby is partially born, flailing and kicking, and then killed. No anesthesia…no mercy. These are the facts. The tragic circumstances of his death do not change the horrific circumstances of his life.

But, does this mean Pro-Lifers see his murder as justifiable? Soon after it happened we were being vilified; painted with a broad brush coloring all of us guilty! The truth is, to say his murder is justifiable is to deny everything Pro-Life stands for. As Christians (and most Pro-Lifers are Christians which is WHY we are Pro-Life) we believe that anyone can be forgiven and restored to God. To take justice in our own hands and execute another human being is not our right. In the Bible, that right is only given to the state. In fact, scripturally, our command is to “love our enemies” and “pray for those who persecute you.”

A few years ago I heard Dr. Tony Levatino speak about how he performed abortions in his practice. He told of one woman who consistently prayed for him and reached out to him, not justifying his actions or denying his sin, but with an overarching concern for his soul. Years later, after the tragic death of his precious daughter, Dr. Levatino’s heart thawed. He “saw” for the first time that his grief over his own child’s death was a mockery of the children he had aborted for whom no one grieved. He now speaks all over the country on behalf of the unborn. He is forgiven and restored to his Creator. Many of you know the story of John Newton, the author of the beloved song, Amazing Grace. He was the captain of a slave ship, where thousands perished and those who survived wished they had not. He too, like Dr. Levatino, was once blind but then he came to see. What if someone had killed Dr. Levatino or John Newton before they came to know Christ’s forgiveness? It simply is not our right. If we really believe that ALL life is sacred…that includes abortionists and slave ship owners.

These aren’t just words for me. Years ago, my actions probably saved more than one abortionist’s life. I had received a call and then letters from a man who was talking about bombing abortion clinics. I decided I could not risk ignoring his threats assuming he was just a “nut”. I called the FBI and they came for the letters. The next week, they arrested the man, who had a garage full of explosives and written plans to carry out his threats the next day. He is still in jail. Ironically, the abortionists he targeted for death have no idea that they are alive today because a Pro-Lifer believed that ALL life is sacred – even theirs!

The blaming will go on and the damage to the Pro-Life cause because of this murder remains to be seen. But, when the rhetoric settles down, it doesn’t change truth…abortion kills innocent, unborn babies. And Pro-Lifers are the only voice those babies will ever have! We won’t be silenced.

ACWI thanks Dinah Monahan for the use of her article.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dinah Monahan is founder and Executive Director of Women's Choice Pregnancy Clinic and Hope House Maternity Home in Show Low, Arizona. For an informational packet on "Earn While You Learn," call Heritage House '76 at 1-800-858-3040 or e-mail your request to Dinah can be contacted at


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