Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Live By Prayer

Dave and Karen Eubanks (Free Burma Rangers) serve the Lord with a ministry to the multi-ethnic minorities in the mountains of Burma (The country of Myanmar). The peoples that receive their ministry are of the most persecuted in the world, have under gone civil war since 1949 and contain many Christians. The tyrannical government regime burns out the villages and murders these ethnic Burmese. Dave and Karen provide help by entering the areas under attack giving emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and love.

This morning as I listened to Dave and Karen and their girls, I was impressed by two statement concerning prayer.

1. “We live by prayer.”

2. (Paraphrased) the people to whom we give ministry, when they pray, do not pray to live. When they pray their prayer is, “Jesus, what do you want me to do today?” Dave remarked that his prayer direction is the same.

I find these two views of prayer awesome. They are profound and I will give them a great deal of thought.

(Matthew 6:9-13 WNT) "In this manner therefore pray: 'Our Father who art in Heaven, may Thy name be kept holy; let Thy kingdom come; let Thy will be done, as in Heaven so on earth; give us to-day our bread for the day; and forgive us our shortcomings, as we also have forgiven those who have failed in their duty towards us; and bring us not into temptation, but rescue us from the Evil one.'


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