Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God's School

I've been working a lot with high school students in a special education resource classroom. Because these students receive Special Education services, they each have Individualized Education Plans, which require that all necessary aspects of the school curriculum are modified to the students' specific learning needs. I have spent hours helping some of these students with all kinds of assignments, from math and reading to triptychs and media displays. As, I suppose, with any group of students, the students I work with have... varying degrees of work ethic. Being an in-my-fourth-year-and-still-not-done college student, I can understand that "I really don't want to do this right now!" attitude. Having said that, this week I have been tempted to prematurely end my teaching career. Most of my students are great; they'll do their work-or at least try if I help them, but one of these kids will simply not do ANYTHING! I know what you're thinking- if you try this, or do that, or change this on and so forth. Trust me, we've done everything from giving out candy to issuing death threats. So far, nada. As I watched this student sleep-yes, sleep through the AIMS test (a standardized exam of nonsensical import), I thought about how the Lord must sometimes see me as I see this student.

Many times in my life God has blessed and tried me. Many times he has made his will abundantly clear, but more often than I care to think of, I have figuratively slept through God's test. He gives and gives, and He even takes, but time after time, I have acted as a resistant student who is unwilling to learn. Thank God that He is the ultimate teacher, and that His grace abounds, even through my failure.