Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Books

There are many activities associated with the summer. Longer days, weather becoming increasingly hot, going vacations to visit family and friends, eating watermelon, watching fireworks, but I think there is one missing. Reading books. Since learning how to read at a young age, I have loved reading. Of course, there are topics that I enjoy reading over others. For instance, as a child I loved reading the World Almanac series and sports statistics books, but now as an a college student I've enjoyed a different series of books. One of my problems with attending college is that you can never find enough time to read the books you want to read. Well it can be done, but I don't like running around on limited sleep. So, I've collected some of the books I've been meaning to read and decided to read all of them before I go back to school in August.

Here's my list:

Dale Carnegie's Lifetime Plan For Success: (How To Win Friends and Influence People & How To Stop Worrying and Start Living)

These books have always been in my shelf but I have never finished each of them. A couple of weeks ago, I found both books in a single volume on sale for 8 dollars, so I am going to knock two birds out with one stone.

Letters of Charles Haddon Spuregon
I've re-discoverd my love for Spuregon this year and I enjoy reading books that show the humanity side of heroes of mine.

God is the Gospel, John Piper
I have not finished this wonderful book since I bought it during the five dollar sale DG had last year. What a great guide into understanding the implications of the gospel message!

Martin Luther: A Guided Tour Through His Life and Thought, Stephen J.Nichols
Luther has always been someone I have admired, but I sadly have not known that much information about him. This book has proved to be a great insight into one of my top five theologians.

On The Edge of The Dark Sea of Darkness, Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson is a great singer-songwriter, he has now decided to write a children's novel. Made up words, wit, and great story-telling is waiting to be read!

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, Tim Lane and Paul Tripp
I have set up one of my goals for this year to grow in loving and serving people. Not just those whom I am comfortable with, but all people. This book was recommended to me by someone who lives an example in my life as one who loves and serves people genuinely.

The Middle Mind: Why Americans Don't Think For Themselves, Curtis White
I was fascinated by this book's title, so I purchased it. It was in the one dollar section of the grocery store. I always feel bad for authors whose works have found their home in this untimely section of society.

Bring Your Vision To Life, Ralph McCall
My sister brought me this book from Swizerland and she claimed it was very helpful. I want to grow in becoming a man of vision and this seems to be a tool that will help me grow in this area.

Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith, Anne Lamott
Once again, this is one of my sister's books. It looked like a fun read, anytime anyone is looking at religon from the outside, it is a fun adventure.

God's Politics, Jim Wallis
It's election year, I'm no longer a Republican nor have I become a Democrat. However, I think this book advocates some thoughts that have been swirling around in my head for awhile. Plus, this book supposedly served as a a launching point for many of the ideas Derek Webb put down for the Mockingbird/Ringing Bell albums.

The Spiritual Gift of Discernment, Tim Challies
A blogger from Canada writing about discernment, I have enjoyed reading his blog for some time now and I have read many good reviews of this book. Plus, I desire to grow in discernment.

Dedication and Leadership, Douglas Hyde
This book was given to me at TeenPact many moons ago. "A former communist leader becomes a Christian and tells how to become a better leader." --what they told me. Cynicism aside, I am wanting to grow in leading, so this might provide insight.

John Newton: From Disgrace To Amazing Grace, Jonathan Atiken
I remember hearing an episode of the radio show, Adventures in Odyssey about the man who wrote the hymn, Amazing Grace and how God miraculously worked in his life.

Hunger for God: Desiring God Through Fasting and Prayer, John Piper
I have always been mystified by the whole concept of fasting, it is my hope that this books sheds light into it..

That's my list, what are you reading?

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Jacob said...

Hyde actually makes some good points in Dedication and Leadership, namely, that part of the reason why the communists were so successful was because they were willing to take anyone and train him. There was a place for anyone in the communist party who wanted one. There are a lot of churches who either don't want to train or don't know how to train and use its congregants.