Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Brown Bag

According to the magazine “The Week”, the brown bag is returning. Well, I am not surprised. The brown bag makes its appearance when the economy dips and bottoms. To the common man and woman the brown bag is the mainstay of the working world and of the educational world. Kids in the past knew the brown bag and now others will become acquainted with this old helper as well.

R. Alan Cole, in his book “Exodus” made an interesting comment on the Ten Commandments, “These commandments were after all addressed to the ordinary Israelites, not to the religious elite of the day: they are expressed in strong simple terms, understandable to all, and deal with the temptations of common man not of the theologian.” Interesting to know that the “brown bag” and The Ten Commandments” are specific for the common man.

Have you ever really “gotten” into some one’s face? Getting into someone’s face is a very common saying, but not always a very common act for the common person. Some people talk a lot about their ventures into some persons face, but I think it is rather talk.

With God the concept of face is not just talk. In the First Commandment, Exodus 20:3, God says, "You shall have no other gods before me.” Literally, “You shall have no other God “to my face”. “To my face” seems more direct to me, because the whole holy concept of “to my face” calls for an exclusive personal relationship. God does not want any interference with His relationship with me or us.

For me the concept calls for my submission to His identity as God. Then there is my acknowledgement of trust in Him, that what God says He will do, He will. Lastly, that I am His possession and that He will attend to me.

Strong simple terms are express by this commandment. I think I only pay heed to these terms when provoked by the Spirit. It is like the brown bag, there when I need it, forgotten otherwise. Lord, I wish it was not this way, because the Commandments are the mainstay of conduct.

What was it that you treasured most being put in your brown bag?

The bag is open.

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