Monday, February 22, 2010


I stood ready to make another appointment. The date the receptionist selected was in conflict with my grandsons wedding times. The receptionist enquired as to the age of my grandson. I said twenty two. She paused and said, “Marriage sucks.” I assumed that the lady was in her twenties and I replied, “I have been married for fifty five years.” My response was as matter of fact as hers. The lady said, “You are one of those, they do not make your kind anymore.”

About a twenty word exchange. “Marriage sucks”, disappointment, anger, disgust and what?

“I have been married for fifty five years”. Rather a neutral statement

“You are one of those; they do not make your kind anymore.” “Those” and “your kind” signified that I was an alien, different species, the old guy or. Was it a compliment or a dig? No matter!

I felt sadness. It seems the editorial remark meant that the lady had a less than fruitful experience; her marriage relationship was a failure, “suck”. I wish marriage for the lady could have been honorable, pleasant, moments of joy, moments of sorrow, times of making up and fruitful.

What keeps a marriage going for two, twenty or fifty five years? I cannot presume to tell you in one word or one year. Elizabeth Browning may have said it.

Later in the week I came across Albert Mohler’s blog:

I do know my wife and I started out with our view of what marriage was to be, a worldview of marriage. Please no snide smile, I believe you have to have a worldview.

I hope my grandchildren have a worldview of marriage!!


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