Sunday, December 6, 2009

Islam and Liberties

This past week I reviewed two positions on the Islamic or Muslim intentions. One extended comment by Newt Gingrich concerning his concern about Islamic terrorism and the other a blog article by Albert Mohler concerning the Swiss vote to ban minarets. I believe each article centered on the subject of national and religious liberties.

“... a blunt and chilling answer to a serious question posed to Newt Gingrich on CNN. It's a clearly worded warning that I have not yet heard from any public figure concerning the state of world affairs. This is one the most powerful and articulates summaries of the dangers of our current situation that I have ever heard, and a mystery to me why this is not painfully aware to every American and a subject of constant discussion.”

“Though political correctness limits open discussion, citizens clearly fear the growing influence of the Muslim populations in their countries.”

“The Muslim minaret is the central architectural symbol of Islam, as recognizably Muslim as steeples with crosses are recognizably Christian. Any nation that is truly committed to religious liberty cannot sustain a ban on one religiously significant architectural symbol or structure in this manner.”

We in the United States stand true to the ideals of liberties and not violating those of others, especially religious liberty. Is there any foundation to think the Islamic movement will cause a problem now or in the future? Is Gingrich concerns justified and is Mohler position justified?

I would weigh in the view of Oriana Fallaci.

“I do not see Islamic terrorism as the main weapon of the war that the sons of Allah have unleashed upon us. Terrorism is only the bloodiest and most barbarous aspect of this war. The most pernicious and catastrophic aspect is the religious war,” are:

  1. “Immigration, not terrorism is the Trojan Horse that has penetrated and transformed Europe into Eurabia. Citing Bernard Lewis, she warns that by 2100, the whole of Europe will be numerically dominated by Muslims.”
  2. “Fallaci warns that multiculturalism will not moderate Islam and certainly not the fib of integration. In Europe-Eurabia, the other immigrants more or less integrate. Muslims don't. They don't even care to learn our languages. Glued to their mosques, to their Islamic Centers, to their hostility, better yet their abhorrence and contempt for the West, they only obey the rules and the laws of the Sharia (pp. 301-302).” {Imposed presence does not allow another view, p. 301 The Force of Reason}
  3. “Moderate Islam is another invention of ours. Another illusion fabricated by naivetor Quislingness or misplaced realpolitk. Moderate Islam does not exist.”

Reason is the key to human freedom and dignity. Although she fears that the force of reason in the West is succumbing to the force of unreason - Islam, her books are a precious legacy of the human spirit and therefore a promise that Reason will ultimately prevail.”

I am convinced of Fallaci’s insights into what the Muslim movement is doing are true. Being convinced I have to consider how to sustain the religious rights of the Muslim and the rights of the Christian.. Since the Muslim position is an imposed presence, what will be done? What should the defense of the Christian faith be? I believe that this is only the tip of the problem.

Will reason solve the problem?


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