Friday, October 30, 2009

How Do Zombies Impact Your Worldview?

With Halloween right around the corner, we've seen zombies popping up all over. Well, not really, but in pop culture, books, films, etc. Just to name two: there's the recent movie, Zombieland and the literary mash-up, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which hit the top of several best-seller lists.

Then last night I came across this intriguing question on Andy Crouch's Making Culture website:

What do zombies assume about the way the world is? Well, there are
several kinds of zombies. . . For this discussion, I will stick with. . . pop-culture zombies of page and screen
And here was one reader's response:

For me, zombies are a metaphor about the way we live. They don’t have cognitive ability, and we act like we don’t. They don’t have souls, and we act like we don’t.

Look around most churches on Sunday morning and you see a fair number of zombies.
~ Marcus Goodyear

And in case you're interested, there are more questions and comments about zombies, their worldview, and how they reflect the worldview of our current pop culture:

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Baird boy said...

I found this to be an interesting post. I always thought of Zombies as a symbol of naturalism taken to its logical conclusion. In other words I think Zombies are the best thing that naturalism could accomplish. As Doug Wilson lieks to point out, "atoms baning into one another cannot put together a coherent thought." (I put quotes but it was more of a paraphrase).

I would also like to add that Blaster the Rocket Man has long been in the business of using sci-fi themes to represent the Christian Life e.g.

"All we little unvamps
Once were sluts, were whores, were tramps
But now we are the Bride
Of Jesus Christ." - Baby Unvamps by Blaster the Rocket Man.