Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shout On

Coming into the sanctuary on Sunday morning for worship, I believe that I should take time to reflect and acknowledge one or more of the following concerning God:
“That He is an eternal, immutable God without beginning of days, or end of life, or change of time.
That He is present in all places, and there is no place in which He is confined, or from which He is excluded.
That He has a perfect knowledge of all persons and things, and sees them all, even that which is most secret, with one clear, certain, and unerring view.
That His wisdom is unsearchable, and the counsels and designs of it cannot be fathomed.
That His sovereignty is incontestable and He is the Owner and absolute Lord of all.
That His power is irresistible, and the operations of it cannot be controlled.
That He is a God of unspotted purity and perfect rectitude.
That He is just in the administration of His government, and never did, nor ever will, do wrong to any of His creatures.
That His truth is inviolable, and the treasures of His goodness are inexhaustible.
That when we have said all we can of the glorious perfections of the divine nature, we fall infinitely short of the merit of the subject.”
J. Ligon Duncan III, A Pocket Outline for Scriptural Prayer

I believe I should take time. Take time! No interruptions please!


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