Sunday, March 29, 2009

Embryo, Culture, Church etc.

Things I read and listened to and thought about this past week.

!!! “Since a human embryo is a human life, it cannot morally be killed to serve another purpose, such as speculative research. A human embryo is not a part of a human life; it is a human life in its entirety. I was once, for example, a human embryo. A human embryo needs nothing other than the right environment to develop into a mature human being, much as I need the right environment to continue living." Simon Hirsch
"I sense that you have a strong sense of justice...and I also sense that you are a fair minded person with a high regard for reason...Whatever your convictions, if you truly believe that those who oppose abortion are all ideologues driven by perverse desires to inflict suffering on women, then you, in my judgment, are not fair-minded... I do not ask at this point that you oppose abortion, only that you speak about this issue in fair-minded words." Comment from a Physician to Barack Obama.
Obama’s reply, “Fair-minded words.”
Who speaks fair mindedly for the victims, embryos (labeled: Made in Thailand, etc.)? What is fair minded about the embryo factories and embryo profits?
!!! Which of the following exemplifies your worldview for changing the culture? My model for changing the culture is “a Christ of the culture model” or a ”Christ-transforming culture model” or neither of these models.

“Do our own homes and our own churches have to become Christian before we can become salt and light in the world?” MR
“I think the more we try to be salt and light, seeking a place at the table and all that, we have to be careful because that can lead to compromise. We can make our aspiration fit whatever we think is possible to have accepted by the majority culture. So in that sense I think that the
church has to be courageous and has to think about not just what will be accepted by the majority culture, but rather what is faithful to Jesus Christ and what is honoring to God, and in
that sense, we have to be prepared to be a minority.” Craig Carter, author: Rethinking Christ and Culture (The interview is provoking.)

!!! Mary Zeiss Stange, I agree with you and as Albert Mohler knows, there are two views on this subject.

!!! I finished Julia Duin’s book Quitting Church , an excellent read. I liked the quote from Bill Hybels, “What we should have done when people crossed the line of faith and became Christians, we should have started telling people and teaching people that they have to take responsibility to become ‘self-feeders.’ We should have gotten people, taught them how to read their Bible between services, how to do the spiritual practices much more aggressively on their own.” pages 172-173.

Yes, becoming “people of The Book”.

!!! My good friend lost his job and 3 of my family members and connectors found jobs. Praise and prayer and praise.

!!! My great grandson has named me “bebopee”.
Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face
Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face;
Here would I touch and handle things unseen,
Here grasp with firmer hand th'eternal grace,
And all my weariness upon thee lean.
Here would I feed upon the bread of God,
Here drink with thee the royal wine of heav'n;
Here would I lay aside each earthly load,
Here taste afresh the calm of sin forgiven.
This is the hour of banquet and of song;
This is the heav'nly table spread for me:
Here let me feast, and, feasting, still prolong
The brief, bright hour of fellowship with thee.
I have no help but thine, nor do I need
Another arm save thine to lean upon:
It is enough, my Lord, enough indeed;
My strength is in thy might, thy might alone.
Mine is the sin, but thine the righteousness;
Mine is the guilt, but thine the cleansing blood;
Here is my robe, my refuge, and my peace,
Thy blood, thy righteousness, O Lord my God. (Horatius Bonar 1855)


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