Monday, January 12, 2009

Imagine All the People. . .

(With apologies to John Lennon; I obviously plagiarized the title!)

I recently saw an article in Good magazine that claimed "solving our current planetary crisis could lead to an unimaginably good future."

And although I disagree with much of the eco-fanaticism sentiment of the article, there were some points that could be applied to those of us who desire to serve God with our whole lives.
The author said, "If we want to avoid that (ecological) catastrophe, we need to not just do fewer bad things: we need to do different things altogether."

And that's what living out a Biblical worldview is all about - doing different things altogether - not just ecologically and not just in a moralistic sort of way...but thinking about the whole counsel of God's Word as a system, then living by it. It's doing "different things" than the rest of society.

The pull quote after paragraph two

[Pull quote: In newspaper and magazine publishing, a brief excerpt from the main text, enlarged and set off from the text, often in a box. Used to add emphasis and interest.]
says it well: "We need people who change their thinking and not just their light bulbs."
The focus of the article was summed up in this one sentence. And it sums up what Christians SHOULD be doing as well: changing our thinking.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your
mind. . . (Rom. 12:2
- ESV).

If we all genuinely did this, I believe we could have that "unimaginably good future" - at least as good as it could be in a fallen world. No, it won't hasten Christ's return, and it won't eliminate all evil in the world. But just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine a world where every Christian believer was truly "transformed by the renewal of [his] mind." Wouldn't that indeed be a good future?

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