Monday, June 30, 2008

How Very Sad. . .

I just happened to see this Google ad on a website a few days ago:

Home in safe Woodstock, GA (Atlanta)
Low Terrorism Threat Target

5BR 3B, 5 Acre; Gated Privacy $660K

Who ever thought that "Low Terrorism Threat" would be a selling feature for a home?

And yet, no mention of safety or the neighborhood's crime rate on the actual website for this home: The only mention of security refers to "double-sided key-access dead-bolt locks and a coded keypad entry"
Isn't it a sad commentary that our society has become so obsessed with safety and security - and so motivated by fear - that an advertisement like this would ever be possible/necessary?

Yes, we live in a dangerous world—a very different world from the one in which I grew up in the mid-'60s. But it seems our society (or a certain segment at least) wallows in - or even thrives on - fear. Not to mention the entrepreneurs who have built businesses by feeding on people's fears (the Taser company comes to mind, emphasizing the need for self-defense).
Of course, another obvious change based in fear is airport security - more time, more equipment, more personnel—and more expense.

Don't get me wrong. . . the world we live in today is definitely not as safe and secure as it once was. There's a need for self-defense, for security measures at the airport. I simply am commenting on the overall atmosphere of fear, fear-driven media programming, fear-based businesses (including the Y2K scare that had people buying/building underground shelters and stockpiling food).
Where else do you see evidence of fear in today's world?

And what ever became of trusting God in His sovereignty?


Anonymous said...

I for one, appreciate ads such as this. It would be disingenuous to place such an ad for Washington DC (which is "ground zero" for terrorists, if there ever was one), but Woodstock Georgia is not on the terrorism radar. People looking for a safe place to raise their families SHOULD be interested in the safety of the location into which they will move.

Maybe the reason that the only security measure mentioned in the ad is because Woodstock GA is really a rather safe place to live. Terrorism and crime are different issues. It seems clear that the seller in this ad is addressing terrorism (how likely your home will be uninhabitable due to a dirty bomb attack) rather than crimes such as burglary (for which the owner is apparently prepared with his dead-bolt locks).

It would seem to me that you are being too critical of an ad that addresses a very real issue when one is considering where to relocate.

Regarding trusting God and His sovereignty, I guess you would advocate relocating to the slope of an active volcano because your trust in God will sway His sovereign will to protect you from an eruption. I don't think that is what Scripture teaches. God's sovereign will was to destroy Jerusalem in AD 70, but those who trusted God had to flee for the hills. Seems to me that one who trusted in God at that time would have done well to buy a home in a "Low Roman Threat Target" city other than Jerusalem.

It is my prayer that some wise person buys this home and that its apparent safety accrues to the benefit of the buyer's family as a good steward who looks out for the safety of his loved ones.

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