Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fair Minded

A cousin from Canada asked me this question, “Are the States ready for a black president?” I did not give a definitive answer as I really had not thought of the question.

To answer the question I focused on the idea of being “fair minded”. Will the voters be “fair minded”? Rather, will the political party of the black candidate be fair minded?

In 1955 I boarded a bus in El Paso, Texas. I was in my Army uniform. I headed for the back of the bus and sat down. I heard a voice say, “Solder boy”. I look forward to see the bus driver now standing looking at me. “Soldier boy, you sit up front.” I said, “Why?” and just then saw the sign, “Blacks to the back.” The driver said, “Soldier boy, up front or I call a cop to put you off this bus.”

Now in this political party having the minority candidate is a group of people called “superdelegates”. (Please be aware that the other party has superdelegates also.) Now if I understand the role of these folks it would seem to me that delegates from all over this nation could support a candidate, but the superdelegates could negate their wishes.

So my scenario, superdelegate, James Crow will say to the candidate of color, “To the back of the bus. You’re not going to be president.” But, the delegates some how prevail over the superdelegates and the black candidate will be the party standard bearer. Then, the party does what it did in 1948, it forms another party. Then it was the Dixiecrat Party, formed because President Truman racially integrated the armed forces.

Is it absurd? Or will you say, God takes care of all, His will be done, why be concerned?

How fair minded am I or how fair-minded should I be or should you be concerning candidates and issues?

“I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat." - Will Rogers

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