Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Went to a Blogging Party. . .

Cartoon by Dave Walker at

. . .to reminisce with my old friends. . . " (with apologies to Ricky Nelson)

Well, here we are, finally showing up (a bit late) to the blogging party. Seems like nearly everyone I know has a blog - or had one and later decided to stop blogging for one reason or another.

So, welcome to our new blog! We are ACWI, the Arizona Christian Worldview Institute. You can learn more about us and our ministry at

Big thanks to Jim (who used to blog) for the encouragement and advice!
UPDATE 2/4/09
Alas, Jim is one of the casualties of the "my-blog-ate-my-life" crowd; he has since closed down the blog ;~( That's too bad - it was a good read!)

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